Replicate your Websites with our software for as little as $24.95 a month*.


What does Replicated mean?

To replicate your Website means to allow a customized duplicate of your site to be marketed by another user of your company, ie sales force.  Our software includes an expansive amount of marketing capabilities for your users to better promote their replicated Website.

Your Replicated Website users can:
  • Personalize their contact info and site content.
  • Crop and upload their own photo(s) and imagery.
  • Order business cards and print flyers to market to their site.
  • Manage new leads from prospect to customer
  • Earn commissions from store sales and enrollments
Search Engine Marketing Features:
  • Web tutorials to acquire profitable long tail search terms
  • The option to provide a Google Analytics account per each user's account
  • Tips for individual domain name registrations to further enhance a user's replicated Website
Administrators of our Replicated Website Software can:
  • Sync up a Merchant Account
  • Create products users can purchase via the online store
  • Create a Multi-Tier Affiliate Commission Plan and its payment cycles
  • Create new admin/regular users and assign them rights
  • Full FTP access included to download all files associated with the replicated website
    and the software that runs it
  • Google Analytics per user's account

Don't wait another second to see for yourself what this system can do for you and your replicated website needs.  Give us a call at 404-933-6135.




*after the initial down payment.